Over the counter medications can help prostate problems.

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Recent studies have shown that some over the counter medications that may be already in daily use to treat other conditions can be an effective part of enlarged prostate treatment.

While an enlarged prostate is generally considered to be a normal part of growing older, some men may never experience any negative symptoms, while others may suffer through quite debilitating and painful symptoms. Luckily, an enlarged prostate is only rarely connected to prostate cancer.

The good news is that men facing enlarged prostate treatment have a wide variety of non-invasive options to choose from. One of these treatments is so simple that they may already be treating prostate problems without even knowing it. A recent American study showed very encouraging results for using over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines, such as aspirin, which are often used on daily basis to treat other conditions .

There are a number of other non-invasive enlarged prostate treatments that are not only effective in reducing prostate problems, but also may have a hand in prevention. They include:

Other supplements, such as tomato lycopene, have also been shown to be helpful.

Other supplements, such as tomato lycopene, have also been shown to be helpful.

  • Diet and Exercise. Now considered to be among the top methods of improving prostate health, following a healthy, low-fat diet consisting of foods rich in antioxidants, lean meats and fruits and vegetables can have a very positive effect. While exercise on its own is not considered to be among the top preventative methods, some urinary tract exercises may sometimes be beneficial.
  • Herbal Supplements. Taking a daily supplement of saw palmetto has been clinically proven to help some enlarged prostate cases. Other supplements, such as tomato lycopene, have also been shown to be helpful. These can make such a marked difference that some men have found that taking supplements and making no other changes has had a positive impact on their prostate health.

Unfortunately, once these avenues have been exhausted, surgery may be the last line of defence in improving prostate problems. While some cases will only require a partial prostate removal, in a procedure called a transurethral resection of the prostate, others may require a full removal, called a radical prostatectomy. Which procedure is chosen will depend on the severity of the symptoms.

If an enlarged prostate is a concern for some men, they should take heart that there are a number of non-invasive treatments that are available to them before surgery is even considered. As they reach middle age, men are encouraged to talk to their doctors about what they can do to start improving their prostate health.

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