Here's what else you'll discover in this amazing book:

  • How to avoid hospitalisation for your prostate in 3 simple steps. Page 245.

  • The root on page 126 has proven to shrink an enlarged prostate.

  • The common mineral on page 190 reverses prostate enlargement

  • Good news! Why having more sex can help relieve your prostate issues. Page 236.

  • The common enlarged prostate remedy that will shock and amaze you. Page 194

  • Why surgery may not always be the answer... and what you can do about it. Page 107.

  • Evidence is mounting that the herb on page 156 may be the most potent prostatitis fighter known to man.

  • The #1 drug that can cause impotence is [revealed on page 262]

  • A powerful two page "Quick Start" guide on tips and secrets you MUST know right now to avoid your prostate problems getting worse. Page 12.

  • What you haven't been told about PSA screening... and why it may NOT be as effective a test as the experts say. Page 34.

  • Which tasty snack (available at every supermarket) did 53 men nibble on that showed a significant improvements in urine flow, dribbling and time spent urinating? Page 116

  • A comprehensive "self diagnostic" questionnaire you can use to immediately assess the severity of your own condition... in the privacy of your own home. Page 42.

  • The three stages of prostate enlargement... and how they affect you. Page 45.

  • Which root in 2003 was the focus of two separate studies in the United States and China each reporting conclusions it suppresses the growth of human prostate cancer cells. Turn to page 140 now.

  • The most common type of drug therapy for prostate disorders. Page 49
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Of course, it’s easy to imagine how your life will positively change when your prostate is healthy again. You know, it’s the little things that make the difference. For example, if you’re playing a round of golf with your mates.

When you discover the secrets in “Some Straight Talk About Your Prostate and Sex Life”, you will maybe be able to play a full round and not stress and worry about a ‘false emergency’ happening on the 8th hole. You can focus on your game and have fun with your friends. And of course, it never looks good to be seen jumping out of the bush with your fly half zipped up!

Keep reading to discover even more fascinating insights such as…

  • Everything you’ve wanted to know… but were afraid to ask… about pharmaceuticals and your prostate. Page 52

  • Botox for your prostate? Impossible! Not according to recent studies. Page 75 reveals the shocking details

  • When prostate surgery is always recommended. Page 79

  • Why the common procedure on page 80 is NOT recommended for all sufferers of an enlarged prostate

  • The most effective and common medical treatments doctors recommend – what they are and their side effects… revealed! Page 80 

  • If you’re suffering from incontinence, here is a simple 3 minute exercise to plug the drip. Page 97

  • The biggest risk of prostate surgery? This is NOT what you think! Page 99

  • 20 questions to ask your doctor before deciding upon surgery. Page 102

  • 15 questions to ask your doctor if you DO go ahead with surgery. Page 103

  • Why traditional medicine may not always be your best choice. Page 116

  • The European herb originally used for hiccups, asthma and even whooping cough recently gained notoriety for an enlarged prostate, too! Page 114

  • The plant a 1996 study showed reduced symptoms of an enlarged prostate in 75% of all patients in 26 weeks. Page 116

  • The plant on page 126 in a double-blind German study of 41 patients demonstrated a remarkable 66.1% improvement in urinary flow.

  • Why did researchers of an Australian study in 2004 conclude soy products might in fact lower the risk of cancer progressing beyond the prostate gland? Page 146

  • The 21 most harmful myths regarding prostate problems… and why you avoid them. Page 235

  • Why your dentist may be the BEST person to see about your  prostate. Page 219

  • The “Illustrious 5” – the most powerful exercises for prostate health and prevention. Page 215

... plus much, much more!

The early warning signs of prostate problems you must know about and how to boost your sex life. Learn More

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The early warning signs of prostate problems you must know about and how to boost your sex life. Learn More

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The early warning signs of prostate problems you must know about and how to boost your sex life. Learn More

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